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Are You Ready To Stop Being a Sucker For The Tobacco Company And Cancer Industry?

Are You Ready To Quit Smoking Now?

Hypnosis Can Help Make It Easy!

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Take this brief survey to see if you are ready to become a nonsmoker NOW!

1.  Can you imagine yourself as a nonsmoker?
2.  Are you ready to become a nonsmoker?
3.  Are you prepared to find other ways to handle stress?
4.  On a scale of 1-10 for motivation and desire to quit, are you above a 6?
5.  Are you doing this because it is what you really want?
6.  Do you believe you can be successful in your goal to become a nonsmoker, NOW?
7.  Have you tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking?
8.  Have you successfully quit in the past but returned to smoking?

If you answered 'yes' to more than half of the above, hypnosis is the help you are looking for to successfully and finally, become a nonsmoker.  Becoming a nonsmoker is different than quitting because, no one wants to be a quitter! You were born to be a nonsmoker.

Become a non-smoker. Call today and find out how hypnosis can help you quit smoking!

"So today marks my three year anniversary of quitting smoking.  I will always remember my anniversary because it falls on Election Day!  What a day to quit.  And I use the term “quit” loosely because it’s as if I never smoked before.  I have quit in the past with the use of the patch, the pill, cold turkey and my favorite – I’m Pregnant!  Even with all that quitting my cravings and desire to smoke were still there which always made it easy to go back to smoking.  With hypnosis, I swear I wrack my brain looking for that urge to smoke.  Since 5 minutes after leaving my session with you I’ve looked for that craving.  It’s simply not there anymore.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart (and healthy lungs) for helping me quit smoking for life ~ one that should be extended now that I’ve quit such an unhealthy habit".

Tracy O.


  If not NOW, when?
"When Fern hypnotized me, I had been a heavy smoker for nine years. Not only was the experience of being hypnotized relaxing and refreshing, I haven't gone back to smoking and it has been 6 months! I have the hypnotism and Fern to thank for my new lease on life"
- GH from Bridgeport, CT

Before you began to smoke…
You thought smoking was disgusting. You knew that people that smoked did it to look cool or fit into a group. You knew that smokers smelled bad most of the time. When they smoked around you the smell and the air was sometimes unbearable. You could not imagine why someone would do something so ridiculous. Then one day, probably as an adolescent, a part of you needed to feel comfortable as part of one of those groups and your logical, conscious mind was ignored, and you decided to smoke. Since then, smoking has become a burden to you and the need to be cool has changed to the need to be healthy and live longer. The desire to be able to breathe easily and the desire to smell fresh has become more important. Now, instead of smoking with friends, you find you must smoke alone, or outdoors and you are the one who smells bad. Smoking is definitely not cool and is costing a lot you in many ways. You are ready to AGAIN be a Nonsmoker! Quit smoking easily by becoming the nonsmoker you were born to be!

Using hypnosis...
Is the easiest and most effective way to become a Nonsmoker. When you are ready, meaning on a scale of 1-10, 1 being you love smoking and you want to do it forever, and 10 being, you wish you quit yesterday you are above a 6, you will successfully become a Nonsmoker. It could take one session and you will be done with the expense, annoyance and smell of cigarettes. Some clients take up to three sessions but everyone who wants to quit smoking, becomes a Nonsmoker!

Dangerous Alternatives...

FDA warns about Pfizer anti-smoking drug By Kim Dixon, Fri Feb 1, 08
Pfizer Inc's anti-smoking drug Chantix appears increasingly likely to be linked to serious psychiatric behavior, including suicide, U.S. regulators said on Friday.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that after an analysis of cases of depression, suicidal thoughts and other unusual behavior in patients on the medication, the evidence appears stronger of an association with Chantix.

We've become increasingly concerned as we've seen there are a number of compelling cases that truly look as if they are the result of exposure to the drug," Bob Rappaport, a director in FDA's unit that oversees Chantix, told reporters on a conference call.
Pfizer, the world's biggest drug maker, had already updated its label to reflect the latest findings. Earlier this month it changed the label to more prominently warn that patients taking Chantix have experienced suicidal thoughts and other psychiatric behavior.
FDA officials said on Friday they had asked Pfizer to make that change.

The agency also said there was rising evidence of a causal link, an assertion Pfizer has denied.

Some cases "strongly appear to be related" to Chantix, Rappaport said.

Pfizer officials have maintained there is no evidence of a causal link, and said only that in some cases an association could not be excluded. The reports could also be confounded by symptoms of nicotine withdrawal itself, Pfizer has said.

"A causal relationship has not been established. At the same time, we can't exclude it," Ponni Subbiah, Pfizer vice president for medical affairs, said in an interview on Friday.

FDA officials said they have received nearly 500 reports of suicidal behavior and thinking, and 39 completed suicides. Most of these cases occurred in the United States.


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